Eternal song: “… I Am the stillness within movement and the movement within stillness …” ~ Adyashanti

cotopaxi dawn eternal song adyashanti

“The Awareness of Pure Existence got the feeling ‘I am’, and from this seed this entire world or universe was born” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Indeed, awareness is our true nature … and awareness is “available” and “here” at all times for all of us, which sounds like “good news” correct? … but … awareness also inherently dissolves all distinctions (personal / impersonal or transpersonal, self / other) and all perspectives …  which can be (and most times is) terrifying to the “one” identified with “oneself” …

To embrace the good news the dissolution is unavoidable .. and if one is “lucky,” inevitable 🙂

As Adyashanti says: “… One day even your own awakening to enlightenment will be seen as a flash of imagination which served only to orient you towards your own disappearance into simplicity and the restoration of cosmic humor  …”

This is his “theme” for the chapter The Eternal Song in his book of poems My Secret is Silence: Poetry and Sayings of Adyashanti … each chapter offers a theme “… that follows a general movement of the spiritual journey that begins with the spiritual search and culminates in the dance of true non-duality…”

To appreciate this theme, today we’ll explore one of Adya’s poems from this chapter .. a poem that is best read from the heart, not just the mind … so, here is …

The Eternal Song …

I Am the aware presence.
Everything in existence
is an expression of what I Am.
I Am the clearness in the sky
the infinite in space
the wetness in water
the sweetness in sugar.

infinite space nasa ngc 4308 and 4298 adyashanti

NGC 4302 and NGC 4298 Image Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Mutchler (STScI) – see below for full attribution with links.

In what I Am there is no knowledge
of what I Am.
I Am beyond the knowledge
of what I Am.
Both the known and the unknown
are expressions of what I Am.

I Am the seeker and the sought
the finding and the losing
the silence and the sound.

I Am the joy within happiness
the tears within sorrow
the presence within stillness
the awareness within sleep.

eternal song presence stillness adyashanti

Both illusion and enlightenment
bondage and freedom
heaven and earth
exist within what I Am.
In what I most essentially Am,
I Am dissolves into
what I have always been.
I Am the awareness of each moment
the consciousness of all content
the presence within all things.

eternal song presence all things adyashanti

I Am the stability within mountains
the heat within fire
the intimacy within love.
In realizing what I Am
I come to peace within myself.
Realizing that I Am not hidden
but ever present
I come to rest within myself.

Realizing that what I Am
cannot be gained nor lost
I naturally stop seeking
for what I already Am.
Realizing that all forms
are expressions of myself
a great and silent love
perfumes each moment.

all forms expressions of myself adyashanti

I Am the faceless
wearing all faces.
I Am the stillness within movement
and the movement within stillness.
I Am the emptiness within all forms
and the fullness within emptiness.
I Am here and now
and nothingness too.

~ Adyashanti

This poem, Eternal Song, is from Adyashanti’s book My Secret is Silence: Poetry and Sayings of Adyashanti … and is excerpted from the chapter Eternal Song.

The Introduction also says “… Each poem is followed by sayings that serve to further illuminate its message …”

So, here’s some of Adyashanti’s sayings that “further illuminate” the above poem’s message:

When we realize who we are, we no longer have
this endless confusion, this eternal battle with ourselves.
Therefore we tend to not struggle
with others or the world


Consciousness comes back for itself, all of itself.
It is never satisfied just to transcend illusion;
it always comes back to liberate illusion.


Freedom is the absence of the seeker of states.


Our teacher page on Adyashanti provides more information about his background and teachings, plus you’ll find blog posts, video posts, articles, books, DVDs, and more … about, and from, him.

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May you sing   the eternal song    … with your heart … and …

May you remain safe and healthy as you navigate these troubling times.


Opening quote, above Adyashanti Poem, and all italicized text is excerpted from My Secret is Silence: Poetry and Sayings of Adyashanti.
Nisargadatta Maharaj’s quote: The Complete I AM Quotes of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Images: (edited and logo added): Featured and 1) The volcano Cotopaxi with snowy peak in the morning light by PetrSimon, 2) NGC 4302 and NGC 4298 – Image Credit:  NASAESA, M. Mutchler (STScI), 3) Tolbachik volcano on Kamchatka by most41rus, 4) Beautiful view of the old town bridge at night by konradbak , 5) Ancient Egyptian writing on stone in Egypt by AndrilVergeles. All purchased from depositphotos, for use only on our website/social channels (these images are not permitted to be shared separate from this post).


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