Munajat: “… a “whispered prayer” … On its way to endlessness it has no need for hurry. ~ Pir Elias Amidon

Expansive, slow, alone

Munajat is a book of forty prayers, by Pir Elias Amidon. These prayers “… were originally inspired by the Munajat — “whispered prayers,” or “intimate conversations with God” — of the 12th Century Persian Sufi, Abdullah Ansari. … praying in this manner is love-talk evoking the nearness of divine reality, … It’s a form of prayer that endears at the same time that it is in awe.”

Munajat: Sama

Out of beginningless time
the bird of your love arrives
and perches here in my heart.

bird perched on heart

On its way to endlessness
it has no need for hurry.
It sings and the whole world dances!

Waves bow to their partner the shore,
stars wink and flirt with the night,
the orchard ripens, leaves spin and clap,
even the bugs turn somersaults!

Ripen, fecundity, life

I won’t live forever and I don’t care.
Just to hear this song, beloved,
is all the joy I could ask for.

~~ Pir Elias Amidon

— — — —

For more information on Pir Elias Amidon’s book Munajat, please visit our post: Pir Elias Amidon: Munajat – Forty Prayers: In The Cathedral

We are honored to offer this profound and beautiful prayer by Pir Elias Amidon. It is published here with his gracious permission and is sourced from his latest book, Munajat.

For a brief BIO for Pir Elias, go to the, The Open Path /The Sufi Way website. A description of his spiritual background is provided in the paragraph below. Stay tuned for his teacher page on Stillness Speaks, which will be added shortly … and as is typical of our teacher pages, it will provide a comprehensive view about his background, and work:

“Elias Amidon is the spiritual director (Pir) of the Sufi Way. He has been an initiate of the Sufi Way for the past 44 years, and was appointed as the Pir of the order in 2004 by the previous Pir, Sitara Brutnell. His root teacher in the order was Pir Fazal Inayat-Khan. Pir Elias has also studied with Qadiri Sufis in Morocco, Theravaden Buddhist teachers in Thailand, Native American teachers of the Assemblies of the Morning Star, Christian monks in Syria, Zen teachers of the White Plum Sangha, and contemporary teachers in the Dzogchen tradition.”

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