This is about actually hearing something for the first time, something you have never heard before.  ~ Robert Saltzman

Here, Now, Intention

Robert Saltzman has shared a short poetic video with Stillness Speaks which offers a moving photo-montage and lyrical insights about the simplicity of living here and now. Photos and words in the video are Dr Saltzman’s. Enjoy this overview and be sure to watch the video. Robert was recently interviewed by Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump.

Saltzman begins with our personal search, though we seek near and far, there is nothing to find. All is here and now. And, the only direction that we have is our own intention.

We search so far, it is so near…We are blessed to discover something so good, so real could be found in this life.

Discovery is unrepeatable. Being here all we see creates this presence in a living stream of energy. Here and now, is the only time to discover something real.

The only thing that can save you in this life is your own intention. There isn’t anything else.

here, now, intention

To be truly present with what is, we have to work with our minds so that we can discern the fiction of our life stories and learn to authentically hear…

You have to first stop the chaos in your own mind. You have to see that chaos. Its doesn’t mean you make it go away–it’s still there, just let it be what it is…Don’t reply to it, don’t quarrel with it, just hear it. Don’t translate it into your everyday language…. that’s not what this is about.

This is about actually hearing something for the first time, something you have never heard before.

This is a long tradition of nothing. We get into these habits and that’s the story and it goes around and around, it keeps repeating its lies. These are lies that we tell ourselves because we can’t stand to drink life straight up.

As soon as one sees things as they really are, for even one moment, that is the attainment, that’s the paradox.

All we see creates this presence and we are blessed….to discover something so good, so real…we have to have an intention to really hear what’s being said.


This video is sourced from Robert Saltzman’s YouTube channel.

Dr. Robert Saltzman is an artist/photographer, and retired psychotherapist who lives and works in Todos Santos, Baja California. You can find out more about Dr Saltzman on his website.

Images (edited and logo added): Featured and 1) Fountain by Skitterphoto 2) Soap Bubble by Hans.  All images are CC0 1.0 Public Domain from


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