“… I and all beings and the whole great earth together simultaneously have attained the Way …” ~ Buddha’s words after his awakening …

Bright Pearl Zen Awakening

Henry Shukman and Chris Hebard converse about Zen including some key and pertinent aspects of Buddha’s life … in an exclusive, 77+minute, VIDEO

Their wide ranging dialog covers:

Shakyamuni Buddha’s Awakening including what does awakened mean? What is Happiness? … what causes our suffering? … the topic of separation.

What is Zen? … particularly Sanbo Zen and how it differs from other forms of Buddhism … Is Zen a religion? … What the word Buddha means.

“Human being discovering something innate about a human being …. and the human being’s relationship with all other things … discovered through practice – that’s what we are concerned with …”

Is Awakening progressive?What is practice? and why do we practice? What is a koan? What is kensho? … The subject of EmptinessShunyata.

“What predates the big bang is still here …” … “… birthplace of every moment … the most fertile, generous. creative potentialities that could ever be … is what we are discovering {and} it just happens to be nothing at all …”

The subject of Beyond Awareness … where “… there is no witness … no seer … no seeing … nothing” … the “experience” of “… dying without {physically} dying …” … the “… pivotal and fundamental shift in a human lifetime …”

The topic of Beyond Awareness will be explored further in a subsequent post which will include perspectives from other teachers like Bob Thurman, Rupert Spira, and A.H. Almaas.

How do we meet personal or social crisis from a zen perspective? What differentiates me from everything else? Coming to our “true home” or the “end of a long war” – the personal awakening struggle. What does Bodhisattva mean?

Dogen’s “treasure chamber” … “if you taste … if you fall into … if you discover the real nothing … everything then becomes wondrous being ..”

And more …

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Image: From the One Bright Pearl Video


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